Feel free to download any of my music, but please contact me and let me know; I would love to hear about how the song was used and received. Please let me know if you would like to have me write a song specifically for your choir. Do you have a favorite folk song for which you would love to have a choral arrangement? Let's talk about it.

Folk Song Arrangements

  • Farewell to Nova Scotia, SA op. 35 - PDF - MP3

  • My Heart is in the Highlands, op. 16 - PDF - MP3

  • Red Wing, SATB, op. 37, lyrics: Thurland Chattaway, music: Kerry Mills, arranged: Julie Courtney PDF - MP3

  • Amazing Grace, SSA op. 43 - PDF

  • I will Go With my Father A-Ploughing, SSA op. 39 - PDF - MP3 // SAB PDF - MP3


Photo by Woody Fitzgerald