Songs For Children

The following are songs I have written for Waldorf School children's plays as well as some arrangements. Feel free to download any of my music, but please contact me and let me know; I would love to hear about how the song was used and received. I love writing songs for specific purposes! Please contact me if you would like for me to write a song specially for your class or play.

Preschool - first grade

  • Advent Song, op. 13 - PDFMP3
  • The Miller -  PDF  -  MP3
  • Song of the Forget-Me-Not Fairy, 1999, lyrics by Cicely Mary Barker -  PDF  -  MP3
  • We are the Angels, op. 10 -  PDF  -  MP3
  • We are the Forest Root Children, op. 11 -  PDF  -  MP3

First - Third Grade

  • O Morning Star, O Michael, op. 6 lyrics by Robert Frost and Julie Courtney -  PDF  -  MP3

fourth grade

  • A Faeroese Folk Song op. 23b, traditional, arranged by Julie Courtney -  PDF  -  MP3
  • Rollicking Dancing Song of the Giants, op. 23, lyrics by Dari Lawrie -  PDF   -   MP3
  • Water and Sun Have Tea, op. 4, w/piano

fifth grade

  • Ah Noble Prometheus! op. 30, lyrics by Dari Lawrie -  PDFMP3
  • Greek Games Poem op. 18 -  PDFMP3
  • Oh Woe to Troy! op. 33, lyrics by Karine Calhoun -  PDF  -  MP3
  • Fraulein Bo Peepen, op. 8 - PDF - MP3
  • With a Light Foot and a Winged Heart, op. 2, music by Peter Klaveness, arranged by Julie Courtney

sixth grade

  • We're the Legionnaires of Rome!, op. 34, lyrics by Eugene Schwartz -  PDF  -   MP3



Photo by Woody Fitzgerald